Simple does not mean ineffective

Simplify your business to crush six figures & above

Sometimes people miss the diamonds in their own backyard because they are so busy chasing shiny objects. Let me help you find your diamonds.

Who is a perfect fit for the business accelerator?

One on One Coaching is for MOTIVATED individuals in various locations on their journey. If you are motivated to get started, and fit any of the criteria below, then we are likely a great fit:

  • If you feel like you're struggling to be found in a flood of competition...I work with new online business owners looking to get started and find the ideal niche, or current business owners looking to redefine and adjust their niche to be found by their target audience.
  • If you feel like you're experiencing analysis paralysis and can't make progress...I will help you decide what the best path is specifically for YOU and your business or idea - and which steps to take to coincide with that and your target audience.
  • If you're struggling to convert members into your email list, or don't have an email list...I help business owners craft irresistible lead magnets in a way that not only builds trust with your target audience, but also begins taking them down your specific value ladder.
  • If you're struggling to keep up with all the different tasks people tell you that you should be doing to make money...I will help you cut trim away that fat that is just eating your time for no reason and help you craft YOUR perfect SIMPLE METHODOLOGY.

The Things We Will Simplify and Optimize to Crush Six Figures


Are you struggling to be found in what feels like an overly saturated niche? We'll discuss simple ways to leverage your niche.


Are you struggling to convert new leads? We'll analyze your lead magnet and discuss simple ways to optimize.


Do you have a specific brand and message? Is it coming across in EVERYTHING you do? We will talk about what your customers see and how you can potentially adjust.


Are you taking your customers through a value ladder that makes sense? We'll optimize the customer journey and make it as simple for them as your systems are for you.


Does it feel like there aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done? We'll talk about the systems I utilize to work less hours while getting more done.


Once you have your systems and business simplified we can begin automating and freeing up your hours while your business thrives more than ever before.

What's included...?

One-on-One Initial Kick-Off Planning

Our weekly meetings will be 90 minutes and we'll also have direct access together, but our initial kick-off meeting can go as long as we need to get us on the right track for success.

Weekly 90-minute video calls

We'll meet every single week for 90 minutes. I have used 60 minutes in the past and decided to devote 30 extra minutes each call to make even more of an impact.

Weekly audits & critiques

To save time during our calls and help your progress even more, I'll also be doing weekly evaluations of your progress so we're fully prepped when we meet.

Monthly evaluations and reassessments

While we will have our weekly audits, on top of that we will also have monthly evaluations where we decide if we, together, decide if we need to reassess based on how YOU feel the systems are flowing.

24/7 direct access to me

On top of our weekly coaching calls you'll also have direct access to me via email and text messaging for extra support and feedback.

Voxer Emergency Ping

You get 24/7 access, BUT sometimes there's emergencies, so you'll also have access to emergency pings to get instant help if you ever need it.


Struggling To Make Progress While Doing Everything "Right"

Struggling To Be Found In A Flood Niche

There are SO many fish in the sea, and you're struggling to be found even after "niching down".

Struggling to Convert To Email Subscribers

You have your lead magnet, but it's not converting like it "should be", even though it's freakin' awesome.

Struggling To Figure Out What You Should Focus On

Everyone you talk to tells you that you "have to" do something else...

Struggling To Create Systems

It's impossible to create systems when you're overcomplicating things due to information overload.

Struggling To Get Your Message Across

You want to niche down, but you also don't want to "leave money on the table" and as a result your messaging is off.

Struggling To Find Enough Hours In The Day

You feel like there isn't enough time in the day, so how are these other solopreneurs able to do it all!?


Apply for The Business Accelerator 


Hi, I'm Mike Romaine

I started Superhero Jacked over five years ago in a niche that people told me was "impossible to break into".  I struggled with imposter syndrome and analysis paralysis.

Then I realized I was making the same mistakes I teach people to avoid within fitness. I stopped chasing shiny objects and Super Soldier Serums and simplified my processes the way that was most optimal for me.

I now get 10,000-50,000 new email leads a month, with highs of over 80,000 and a steady six figure annual income, with highs of over a quarter million dollars - all while being a solopreneur and working minimal hours with an extremely simple process.

Don't let anyone tell you that simple is ineffective.


Frequently Asked Questions

I'm ready now! Can't I just pay?

This is application-only and I don't enroll everyone who applies. I ONLY work with people I know I can help and who I know are motivated to implement what we work on.

is this too advanced for me?

The tactics we are going to implement can be used for absolute beginners and advanced high earning entrepreneurs. We're going to work on implementing the systems in a way that are specific to YOU and YOUR needs - so no, this is not too advanced, and I'm eager to help you implement it.

how much is it?

The exact pricing depends on the structure we decide on, but if you're not ready to invest $1,000+ per month into your business, then this probably isn't the right fit for you.

When will I know if I'm accepted?

Either way you'll hear back from me within 72 hours to let you know if we're a good fit, if I'm currently full and you'd like to be on a waiting list or if I don't think I can help you.

how long does this typically last?

You are required to commit to a minimum of three months being that the first month will be VERY hands on and I devote a lot of time and research into our systems together; and then the next two months will be high-level implementation. After the first three months clients typically move to onto a month to month basis for retention and scaling.