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My Top Tools for Simplifying Business... And Life

I like to keep my business simple - and that means working with simple tools that allow me to do my best work...without complications.

Below I share THE TOP Tools I recommend for building a six figure (and above) business, while keeping it extremely simple.

There are other tools I utilize, but these are the ones that are at the backbone of my business.

PLEASE NOTE: I do not recommend any tools that I don't currently utilize within my business, but I do earn a commission on some tools you sign up for listed below.

Check out my favorite tools



ThriveThemes [Website Builder, Optin Forms, Theme, Quiz Builder, and So Much More]

I build my entire website, every landing page, every lead magnet, quiz, optin form, countdown scarcity funnel, and page you see on ANY of my websites with a tool within Thrive Suite from Thrive Themes.

Everything you do with ThriveThemes is plug and play and so simple I think I could teach my dog Gimli to use them.

MailerLite [Email Service]

Nowadays every email service wants to give you all the bells and whistles to compete with the rest of them. And then they also want to charge you for all of it, even if you don't need it....

MailerLite keeps it simple. "Lite" is right in their name to show it.

They beat EVERY other service in price point while focusing on a simple "lite" design, and something that matters most: getting your emails in your audiences inbox.

They consistently have one of highest deliverability rating among all email services.

You get a free 30-day trial when you use the link below.

ThriveCart [Cart System]

Unrelated to ThriveThemes (I guess I just like thriving..?), I also use ThriveCart for every single one of my carts.

Implementing ThriveCart has helped me avoid monthly payments of $99-249+ from other cart systems that do similar things - but it also doubled my income.

It is plug and play like ThriveThemes, but allows you to simplify your checkout process, while offering your customers products that pair perfectly with what they're already there for.


Bluehost [Web Hosting]

I don't like overpaying for services that charge me for a slew of systems I'm not going to utilize. Similar to why I love MailerLite, Bluehost keeps it simple. 

They beat out the prices, while offering a better, simplified service.

Sign up. Quick set up. Done.



Todoist [Project Management "To Do List"]

There are a million different scheduling and project management tools out there to choose from, but I love Todoist for a reason I'm sure you can guess: it's simple.

Canva [Image Creation Tool]

Eventually you are going to get sick of hearing it, but I choose Canva because it simplifies the image creation process. EASY plug and play designs that lead to incredible results.

SPI Pro [Online Community]

I am personally in the SPI Pro Community and highly recommend it if you're looking to join like-minded individuals and network to grow your business.




Originally I wasn't going to add this section because I was going to keep this page to strictly business tools - but then I realized I'd be doing you a disservice by not simply sharing the ONE tool you need. That's it. Done.

My brokerage account, my ROTH IRA and my SEP IRA (which ironically stands for "Simplified Employee Pension") are all with Vanguard. 

You don't need anything else.



The SHJ Academy

I stand by what I teach at Superhero Jacked. All of our systems are build to be the most effective, efficient and sustainable systems possible to help you transform your life.

We have had thousands of success stories, including dozens of people losing over 100 pounds and transforming their life.

The Academy PLUS Ultra Membership unlocks unlimited access to everything I do at SHJ, including coaching and challenges.


I tell everyone to use this app. People ask me why I don't make my own version of it and it's because I don't need to. This one already exists and does it well.

You DO NOT need to sign up for an upgraded membership (I never have) but it's the most optimal and simplified app for tracking your daily intake.