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Hi! I'm Mike Romaine

I started The King Of Simple about ten years into my entrepreneurial journey because I realized that the tactics I was utilizing to help hundreds of thousands of people transform their body, mindset and overall health around the world - were also tactics I was utilizing within my business and finances.

I'm the owner of a website called SuperheroJacked.com.

There at SHJ I have researched over 300 celebrities, athletes and the world's most elite performers; their workouts, nutrition, and overall lifestyle - and I even wrote a book about it called Superhuman Secrets, which breaks down dozens and dozens of case studies before introducing my simple approach to fitness, nutrition and life, that I have now built based on that research and tested with thousands of members, coaches and myself.

One thing I was fascinated with was always how these elite performers get so much done in the same twenty four hour day...

Do they have some kind of deal with the Devil that gives them extra hours each week?...

I was struggling to find time for all the things people were telling me to do in business while managing all the other aspects of life.

I found myself searching for the same kind of Super Soldier Serum I was teaching members at SHJ to avoid in their fitness, nutrition and health.

After finally being so frustrated and overwhelmed I began implementing pieces what I now call my BUSINESS SIMPLIFIED METHOD, without realizing I had just found the acre of diamonds in my own backyard.

And that's when it clicked. 

After struggling to get even ten people to my website, going through what felt like dozens of different business endeavors with no traction at all ... I was suddenly getting hundreds of thousand of visitors to my site... and they were buying my products ...!

Before I knew it had expanded my BUSINESS SIMPLIFIED METHOD into what is now five simple parts:


From there, while being in an industry that people refer to as "impossible to break into", I've been able to achieve:

  • Over 80,000 new email leads in one month (and consistently getting 10-50K)
  • Over $250,000 in yearly earnings as a solopreneur (and consistently six figures)
  • Over a million unique visitors landing on SHJ and becoming inspired to begin their journey

From day one my mission was to help over a million people level up and unleash their inner superhuman.

Now I'm continuing that journey by teaching these simple methods to incredible business owners.

Business Simplified

I have always been a bibliophile, writer, and someone who is just more comfortable behind words (also a coffee addict, but that's a different story).

The more words the better.

So when people would tell me things like:

  • "You HAVE to be doing [Insert This Social Platform]"
  • "You're leaving money on the table without [Insert This Money Making Method]"
  • "How can you not be taking advantage of video in your business!?", "How can you not be leveraging a podcast...!?", "How can you not be doing this, or that, or this..."

My first reaction was to wonder if they were right...

BUT, part of my simple approach to business is leveraging the power of focus, simplicity in systems, and sticking to the things that specifically work FOR ME (or in this case...YOU!)

Once I did that I was able to focus in on what I am good at, which is writing. And, with more time spent on writing, my content began going viral.

I was able to:

  • Niche into a segment of the fitness industry that didn't even exist (people often don't even realize you can google "Superhero Workouts" or "Anime Workouts" until they find SHJ) - meanwhile people told me I was "niching down too much. That niche isn't there for a reason."
  • Craft an irresistible lead magnet, which is replicable for each and every one of my articles (Would you believe my articles offering a single PDF download perform 100X better than those offering a thousand PDF downloads of the same type of content?)
  • Create a value ladder that brings my target audience through their own hero's journey and allows them to get increasing value that makes sense...specific to my offer.
  • Build simple repeatable systems that allow me to work less while creating and building more for my audience - resulting in unlimited scaling potential (hence being able to now devote time to write this for you). 

I have worked with people who hate writing and avoid it altogether, and I've worked with other people like me who like to stay hidden behind words.

This methodology has built YouTube channels like Psychology Element and helped them gain over 50,000 subscribers and over $5,000 in monthly income in less than a year, AS A SIDE HUSTLE; and tons of other incredible examples in different niches.

The outlet that you choose is specific to you, the same way the food or a training system people choose should be specific to them - but implementing the simple systems that make a BIG difference is what is really important.

From there we are able to craft all of my BUSINESS SIMPLIFIED METHOD around you, and the rest is pretty simple...!

Remember this: Simple Does NOT Mean Ineffective.

It's actually generally the opposite...

Keep It Simple

I teach my audience at SuperheroJacked.com to use a SIMPLE METHOD as well. 


Which is a bit more of a mouthful, but it gets the job done.

I have been sustaining my fitness level for years, and I train less than the vast majority of fitness influencers, trainers or "gurus" out there - and "cheat"  on my diet every single day with built in indulgences.

Point being: simple always wins.